Why you should consider a clothing care routine

Why you should consider a clothing care routine

Today, we're sharing tips on how to care for your clothing in ways that benefit both the planet and your wallet. Follow these guidelines to extend the life of your garments while reducing your environmental impact.


Delay Laundry Day

This simple habit saves water and detergent, plus it makes your clothes last longer. If your clothing is dirty in just one spot, use a spot cleaner instead of washing the entire garment. For jeans, you can try even throwing them in the freezer to kill bacteria and odors while maintaining their shape.


Wash with cold water

Setting your washing machine to "cold" not only saves energy but also helps your clothes last longer. Switching from hot water to cold or warm for four out of five loads can save 864 pounds of CO2 per year. That’s the equivalent of driving 1,000 miles—a significant reduction in your carbon footprint.


Hang to dry

Traditional tumble dryers emit 40 million tons of CO2 in the US each year. Air drying or line drying your clothes eliminates these emissions entirely. Plus, clotheslines add a chic touch to your backyard and might make your neighbors feel inspired by your eco-friendly practices.



Machine washing synthetic fabrics—even those made from recycled materials—sheds tiny plastic fibers that pollute waterways. Hand washing in cold water, especially for items like swimwear and activewear, helps reduce this pollution while keeping your clothes clean.  

Sort your laundry!

Protect your favorite pieces by separating whites, pastels, medium-toned clothes, and delicates. This extra step prevents colors from bleeding and fabrics from snagging or tearing. The effort you put into sorting pays off by preserving your clothing and reducing the need to replace items frequently.


Use mesh laundry bags

Mesh laundry bags are perfect for safeguarding delicate clothing from snags and tears in the washing machine. There are plenty of eco-friendly bags on the market. You could even crochet your own! It takes just a few seconds to put your delicates in these bags, ensuring they come out good as new.


Store Your Clothes Properly

Store your garments in clean, dry, and cool places away from direct sunlight. Proper storage prevents mold, wrinkling, and fading, which can significantly extend the lifespan of your clothes.

Your clothing care routine doesn't have to be a hassle. Taking the time to consciously care for your belongings is an opportunity to slow down and appreciate the materials you get to wear. Having an abundance of clothing is a privilege, and with that comes the responsibility to adopt eco-conscious consumption and care habits. By implementing these tips, you can positively impact the environment and save money in the long run. Sustainable fashion is about making mindful choices that benefit both you and the planet.

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