Thief&Bandit is a brand with a wild spirit, exploring and challenging the norms of both excitement in fashion and production integrity.

We have always been the outsiders doing things our way, our small design team creating every Thief&Bandit collection from sketch to seam. Our values have stayed the same for over 10 years- all of our fabric is printed by hand, garments are sewn by hand, with every order fulfilled in our fashion studio. A commitment to sustainability means we work with only organic textiles: jerseys, cottons, raw silks, georgette, french terry. The water based acrylic inks we print with are non-toxic, making them safe for waterways and our oceans. And our prints are immediately recognizable- they are sporadic, lively, wild spirited and unusual, speaking to those with the same fierce spirit. Every Thief&Bandit collection begins with the same intent- for our garments to empower the wearer, the same way we feel when we create them.

Our workspace is a full production fashion studio, located at 1673 Barrington street, on the second level of a historic building in downtown Halifax. The open concept space is home to a 17ft long print table and sewing studio.