Amie Cunningham
Owner & Creative Director, 2009
Inspired by: Vintage book jackets, french new wave films, bad ass women
Album on repeat: Khruangbin, Con Todo El Mundo
Favorite garment she owns: Vintage faux cheetah jacket (a prop from an old theatre production)
Favorite T&B print: Rust Thorn & Snake
Advice for pursuing your passion? Take risks, work hard, be nice! @a_m_i_e_j_a_n_e

Johnston Foster
Screenprinter, 2009
Inspired by: The raw act of creating, skateboards, treehouses, comic books, my family
Album on repeat at work: KEXP.FM
Favorite garment he owns: Black jumpsuit with Goya's 'Saturn Eating His Children' back patch
Favorite T&B print: Specimen
Mitch Fraser
Sew Shop Manager & Designer, 2013
Inspired by: Video games, Tarantino, black coffee
Album on repeat at work: 'Celebrity Skin' by Hole
Favorite garment he owns: Leather Marlboro jacket he purchased at a vintage market in Korea
Favorite T&B garment: Bellbottoms and secret new 'Cheri' shirt
Katie Roberts
E-Commerce Manager, 2019
Inspired by: Puffy sleeves, sad music
Album on repeat at work: Phoebe Bridgers entire discography
Favorite garment she owns: Vintage white boots, seafarer bellbottoms
Favorite T&B garment: The Twiggy Dress!!!
Pamela Stone
Seamstress & Drafter, 2015
Inspired by: Nature, upcycling textiles
Album on repeat: Sara Bereilles, Admist the Chaos
Favorite garment she owns: Weaves band sweatshirt
Favorite T&B print: Thorn & Snake and the retired Dagger print