Sustainabilty at T&B

Our Philosophy

At Thief and Bandit, we believe in the power of slow, sustainable fashion. Our commitment to the environment is evident in our zero-waste garments and sustainable fabrics, all crafted to minimize our ecological footprint.

Handmade with Care

We are a completely handmade clothing company. Every piece is made in-house and to order using eco-friendly fabrics. Our commitment to sustainability means we only work with organic textiles and non-toxic inks, ensuring safety for both the environment and those who produce and wear our garments. This includes OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics, which adhere to strict environmental and social criteria, free from harmful substances. 

Our organic textiles include jerseys, cottons, raw silks, georgette, french terry. The water based acrylic inks we print with are non-toxic, making them safe for waterways and our oceans. 

Reducing Waste

Traditional fashion production often leads to overproduction, resulting in excess inventory and unsold items. Over 40 billion garments made each year are never sold and end up in landfills. Textile waste is predicted to increase by another 60% by 2030. Our made-to-order model ensures that garments are only produced when there is a confirmed order, minimizing overproduction and significantly reducing textile waste.

Sustainable Care

Our clothes are designed to last longer, and with that comes the responsibility of extended care. A significant part of clothing’s carbon footprint occurs during washing and maintenance. By washing less, you can reduce wear and tear, allowing your garments to last longer. This not only lessens the need to consume more but also reduces microplastics, energy usage, CO2 production, and toxins from laundry. Proper care—no more sweater pills, shrunken shirts, or accidental dye jobs—ensures your clothes enjoy long, happy lives.

Sustainable Production Process

For a better understanding of how our production is truly sustinable, check out our production process!