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Cyclops Pizza Slice by Johnston Foster

Cyclops Pizza Slice by Johnston Foster

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Limited edition Cyclops Slice by Johnston Foster.  

Johnston Foster is Thief&Bandit's chief screen printer and also an incredible artist. He takes trash and turns it into treasure and this hangable pizza slice is no exception. Made from scrapped cardboard, garden hose, pvc tubing, miscellaneous plastics and textiles, wood glue and a tiger eye marble, this artwork also comes signed and number and has a hook fixed to the back so it's ready to hang. Also comes in a commemorative hand printed and signed box that was designed by his son Dutch Foster. 

Name a better gift for the pizza connoisseur in your life!

Measures at it's widest 14"x9"x3"

Order before 12.18.23 to receive it before Christmas. (US and Canadian buyers only.) 

This final edition was made in conjunction with Johnston's recent NYC show 'Darken Your Doorstep.' Visit Johnston's website here: and instagram here: @johnstonfosterart

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