‘Thorn and Snake’ One Piece Swimsuit in Lavender, Emerald and Gold on Black

‘Thorn and Snake’ One Piece Swimsuit in Lavender, Emerald and Gold on Black

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‘Thorn and Snake’ One Piece Swimsuit in Lavender, Emerald and Gold on Black

Our newest print for Thief&Bandit swim 2018 is our ‘Thorn and Snake’ design. Printed on luxurious black fabric it’s an elegant choice for swimwear. The ‘Thorn and Snake’ Print is inspired by thorny thickets and the slithery creatures that may inhabit them, it’s super mysterious and definitely a unique print for swimwear.

-About our process-

The fabric-
This set is fully lined and made with Chito Sante fabric which is a new fabric we are very excited about. ChitoSante is an enviromentally friendly treatment that is made from a natural biomass called Chitosan. Chitosan is made from crab/and or shrimp shells!
ChitoSante is absorbable, breathable, durable and fast drying. Along with these benefits, ChitoSante has natural anti-bacterial properties, it inhibits the growth of bacteria. Also, it’s the only anti-bacterial fabric that is EPA certified.
This fabric is printed using the eco friendly technique of sublimation printing in a small print shop in British Columbia Canada.

The construction-
Each swimwear piece is made to order and sewn by hand in our downtown studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The suit is fully lined and is finished with the most beautifully soft fold over elastic. Also there is light padding that is sewn into the cups. (The cups pads will not shift around when wearing.) This is the most comfortable swim suit! The straps are adjustable and are finished with polished brass findings for an elegant look.

The print-

All Thief&Bandit prints originate from the drawings of Amie Cunningham, owner and creator of Thief&Bandit.

Size Guide:
Please refer to the attached size guides when choosing your size. You can choose a separate size for tops and bottoms. This fabric has a nice comfortable stretch but is nicely fitted as a swim suit should be.

*Please note there is a good 3-4 inches of nice stretch on top of the listed measurements.*